Google Cloud gcloud multiple accounts and basic usage

Google Cloud gcloud tool Basics and Multiple Accounts

For use gcloud tool follow this simple steps:

Install the gcloud tool

Visit this page:

Download the archive file for your system, uncompress it and run:


And follow the script next steps.

Initial config

gcloud init

And follow the script next steps.

List your instances

With this command you will check if the configuration is working and list your instances.

gcloud compute instances list

Multiple Accounts

You can use multiple accounts running the gcloud init command OR using the command gcloud config set account
Using the set account, use the gcloud compute instances list to auth your new account and configure your project.

Useful commands

To update all installed components to the latest version:

gcloud components update

Displays all Google Compute Engine images in a project:

gcloud compute images list

To list Google Compute Engine machine types:

gcloud compute machine-types list

To list all addresses in a project in table form, run:

gcloud compute addresses list

It’s a very easy tool 🙂

More info: