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Debug and Work with Kafka REST API using Insomnia

Install Insomnia and configure

  • Install Insomnia app
  • Download my Kafka REST API Workspace (here).
  • Then import this Workspace file to you Insomnia:
    Workspace -> Import/Export
  • Click on you dev  -> Manage Environments and update the base_url to point to your local Kafka REST URL
      "base_url": "http://EXAMPLE_KAFKA_REST:8082"

How to Produce data and create a consumer for Binary Topics?

  • Open the Binary Topic Folder:
  • Click on Producer and replace the topic name here:
  • Replace the Json content to wherever you want and click in send, if all works fine you will get an HTTP 200 OK response.
  • Create a consumer by clicking on “1Add Consumer group-id”, and replace the consumer name and group:
    Click send and if OK you will see a “200 OK” and the base_uri for your new consumer.
  • Then Subscribe this group to the topic that you want to consume, by clicking on “2Subscribe this group-id to a topic”, and replace the consumer name and group in the URL and replace the topic name on the Body message:

    Press send and if you receive a “204 No Content response” all good, the consumer is created and listening to your topic.
  • Finally, you could Consume the data by selecting “3Consume” and replace the consumer and group like done in the previous step.